Fashion Modelling

Fashion modelling is the place to be, all models aspire to be top end campaign models for brands or high street fashion stores - you can be the face of the brand.

Designers want to see their designs brought to life on a model and have a look in mind they want to produce or theme around their garments they are trying to promote or sell.

They tend to like distinctive or tall models so they can stand out from the crowd and thus make their designs standout. You are a walking manikin and you need to exude confidence charisma and appeal when modelling the designers garments.

Classical model looks are often distinct in colouring and have symmetrical features and big or almond eyes for strong makeup looks.

Features are often distinguished as being strong clear eyes or bright or a strong jawbone or long luxurious hair.

The model should make the customers feel like they can wear those garments and look and feel good in them.

Photogenic looks are not always what you think in a camera and if in doubt and would like to know if you have what it takes or that you fit into any other model category please submit your details for a free consultation

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