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  • Fashion Modelling

    Fashion modelling is the place to be, all models aspire to be top end campaign models for brands or high…

  • Photographic Modelling

    Editorial Photographic modelling you will see in top end magazines where they have themed or gone out on location shoots…

  • Bridal Modelling

    Bridal modelling is a very romantic and fairytale end of the market and most women's dream to model that beautiful…

  • Plus Size Modelling

    Plus size modelling is really in vogue as most women are a size 14 plus in the UK and many…

  • Commercial Modelling

    All brands, online catalogues, hard copy brochures and catalogues need models. Models are needed in TV ads and online catalogues…

  • Real Modelling

    Real Models Real models or character based modelling is a well versed market place for models and people looking to…

  • Fitness Modelling

    Fitness modelling and lifestyle modelling are a huge market sector for modelling buff athletic fit men and natural and athletic…

  • Cosmetic Modelling

    Face, bone structure and eyes are  important features for cosmetics and skin care products and so flawless skin and clear…

  • Petite Modelling

    Petite Modelling is very fashionable in the high street stores think about 'Marks and Spencer's range ' many women are…

  • Classic Mature Modelling

    Classic or mature modelling is ever popular as this modelling is aimed at models over 30 plus. You will find…

  • Parts Modelling

    Parts modelling for hands, legs, feet, hair, teeth and eyes for example are areas of the body that need models.…

  • Lingerie Modelling

    Lingerie and boudoir modelling is a very provocative end of the modelling market and made famous by the likes of…

  • Themed Modelling

    Themed modelling is at sounds, simply themed around a product, setting or fashion statement and statement being the word for…

  • Promotional Modelling

    Promotional modelling is a lot of fun as you promote a brands as a brand ambassador and often find yourself…

Modelling is an exciting and glamorous career.

Modelling is an exciting and glamorous career.

To get your modelling career off the ground we have found some key pointers when considering modelling as a career.

There are different types of modelling, not just catwalk and feeling good strutting up and down the catwalk which is not always paid work

There are Fashion, Catalogue , Commercial, Glamour, Lingerie, Real, Fitness and Body Parts Modelling. The Secret is to get your face around town in brochures and on campaigns whether on TV or still photography. And become a known brand face

Some more pointers before embarking on the stairway to model success,

Make sure that you are comfortable and enjoy being in front of a camera and your movement and poise are practiced.

Have the correct portfolio in place to promote you.

Have the correct website in place to promote you.

Approach the right agencies and top model decision makers.

Network for opportunities.

We will Select you for appropriate modelling job opportunities Suited  to you and suggest the right people to work with in the modelling industry including any training needed to improve your chances of making the right connection whether freelancing or joining an modelling Agency .

By submitting your details today we will send you a FREE advice industry guidance checklist please fill in your details to receive it today

We are committed to building strong, trusted, long-term relationships with our clients and our models.

We are, and always have been a personable company that has earned an enviable reputation for providing genuine and timely advice and consultation to its clients.

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