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Model Test Shoot for Modelling Work and Opportunities

We have an Exciting Opportunity for Male and Female Models to collaborate with a number upcoming Fashion Designers, Fashion Retailers and Photographers, for experience, exposure, sometimes just collaboration, sometimes payment in clothing and sometimes payment in cash.

Test Shoot Saturday 3rd September 2016 in Cardiff was a great day

See who was there

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Some Opportunities we are currently advising models with, new opportunities every week:

A successful online fashion retailer, we are on the hunt for local male and female models for our New Social Media Campaign

Just Eat Print Campaign - Male & Female Models
Booked on Portfolio
£900 per model.

Male Models for Kent Wang
Payment: The selected model will retain the 2 custom suits and 2 custom shirts which retails at $2000 approx. as payment.

Akshay G. wearing Kent Wang black knit tie

Thunder Apparel looking for tattooed models.


Female Model for Petite Daily London 4ft11 - 5ft3

Liverpool Fashion Week 2016 - Last Catwalk Slots available.

Manchester Fashion Week 2017 - Catwalk Slots

You will have access to modelling agents and may gain Modelling representation for WORK AND OPPORTUNITIES within the FASHION INDUSTRY.

Test Shoot Saturday 3rd September 2016 in Cardiff

To have a chance of becoming "The Face Of" submit your details below:

Apply NOW Closing Date - September 2nd 2016



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