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Model Test Shoot and Consideration for Top Model Agencies

Test Shoot Saturday 1st October 2016 in Cardiff

We have an Exciting Opportunity for Male and Female Models to kick start their modelling careers, with top modelling agency submissions and guidance as a freelance model towards collaboration with a number upcoming Fashion Designers, Fashion Retailers and Photographers, for experience, exposure, sometimes just collaboration, sometimes payment in clothing and sometimes payment in cash.

We are looking for all ages, heights, sizes and ethnicities, with so many of the top agencies searching for new faces, there has never been a better time for you to work with Model Advice as a mother agent. During the test shoot our Artistic Director will be guiding and teaching you regarding your potential as a model, and we can also advise you about how to find freelance work and opportunities within the modelling industry.

These potential models all had a great day and a chance to showcase to the modelling world.

img_8795-7 img_8797-9 img_8800-12 img_8808-20 img_8809-21 img_8813-25 img_8814-26 img_8816-28 img_8819-31 img_8822-34 img_8826-38 img_8829-41 img_8831-43 img_8834-46 img_8837-49 img_8839-51 img_8841-1 img_8847-59 img_8850-62 img_8853-65 img_8855-67 img_8857-69 img_8861-73 img_8864-76 img_8868-80 img_8876-88 img_8877-89 img_8882-94 img_8886-98 img_8888-100 img_8893-105 img_8899-111 img_8905-117 img_8915-127 img_8916-128 img_8919-131 img_8924-136 img_8931-143 img_8937-149 img_8945-157 img_8948-160 img_8950-162 img_8953-165 img_8954-166 img_8957-169 img_8963-175 img_8964-176 img_8969-181 img_8971-183 img_8975-187 img_8976-188 img_8983-195 img_8989-201 img_8992-204 img_8997-209 img_8999-211 img_9001-213 img_9004-216 img_9008-220 img_9011-223 img_9016-228 img_9021-233 img_9033-245 img_9034-246 img_9037-249 img_9043-255 img_9052-264 img_9053-265 img_9054-266 img_9057-269 img_9059-271 img_9068-280 img_9071-283 img_9077-289 img_9081-293 img_9083-295 img_9087-299 img_9088-300 img_9091-303 img_9093-305 img_9096-308 img_9101-313 img_9103-315 img_9116-328 img_9120-332 img_9121-333 img_9125-337 img_9127-339 img_9129-341 img_9142-354 img_9144-356 img_9147-359 img_9157-369 img_9160-372 img_9163-375 img_9172-384 img_9178-390 img_9185-397 img_9190-402 img_9192-404 img_9198-410 img_9203-415 img_9207-419 img_9213-425 img_9225-437 img_9227-439 img_9231-443 img_9235-447 img_9238-450img_9240-452 img_9250-462 img_9252-464 img_9254-466 img_9260-472 img_9266-478 img_9272-484 img_9281-493 img_9287-499 img_9291-503 img_9299-511 img_9301-513 img_9302-514 img_9307-519 img_9308-520 img_9315-527 img_9330-542 img_9340-552 img_9345-557 img_9347-559 img_9350-562 img_9352-564 img_9370-582 img_9371-583 img_9375-587 img_9386-598 img_9387-599 img_9391-603 img_9398-610 img_9403-615 img_9405-617 img_9415-627 img_9418-630 img_9421-633 img_9422-634 img_9425-637 img_9429-641 img_9438-650 img_9442-654 img_9446-658 img_9448-660 img_9453-665 img_9460-672 img_9470-682 img_9478-690 img_9493-705

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