Fashion Styling Master Class

Fashion Styling Master Class

This day course is designed to help you gain the skills required to succeed and gain the first steps and certification in Professional Fashion Stylist for Photographic and Editorial work, Film, TV and of course Personal Styling and Fashion Advice for working in fashion with designers, Fashion Retail, Houses or for Individual Counselling with clients, as a Professional Freelance Stylist whether you work part time or full time within the career of your dreams.
Once you have completed the day course it will introduce you to the Fashion and Image Consultancy World.


You will have the basis to start your own Freelance Consultancy.

You will receive your personalised consultation.

Your own personalised analysis and style and colour direction.

We can sort your wardrobe and mix and match and define styles Classical and Modern.

Many people today want fashion advice and consultation on colour, fabric and tone, what flatters them and why how to maximise their wardrobe from work to evenings out.


We live in an image conscious age! Selfies and photos taken on night outs and media thrust at us to achieve ‘that look.’
Benefits of the course:

  • YOU will learn the history of fashion and key fashion designers of each era and current fashion trends and how fashion comes around every era. Covering descriptions of what garments are called traditionally and why and where they originated from in history.
  • YOU will be learning how to understand styling figure shapes and the style of clothing that is suited to the appropriate body shape and proportions
  • Colour analysis in clothing, makeup and how skin tones work for you and different race type colouring tones. This matters for lighting in fashion photography
  • Colour wheel application in clothes, makeup and hair.
  • The right colour makeup, glasses and shape of jewellery. To what hairstyle and colour suits that individual
  • Choices of fabric to silhouette or enhance figure using the correct styling techniques depending on your figure shape.
  • How to meet clients needs and fill out a consultation form and map out their needs.
  • From power dressing for work to casual clothing and evening outs all will be answered by your discerning skills
  • How to create capsule wardrobes and create key looks that work every time.
  • Marketing your service and being paid.


Remember that literally thousands of fashion editors, art directors, producers, celebrities, and ordinary people who simply wish to improve their image will and so require require the skills offered by a Fashion Stylist.

These essential services are needed for commercial/editorial photo shoots, image consultancy, fashion shows, TV commercials and Film sets, Personal Shoppers for clothing items in stores, celebrities styling, concerts and band costume and so much more.

Your trainer for the day will be Tina and You will receive advice from her as a Professional Established Fashion Stylist, Makeup Artist, Image Consultant and Colour Analyst of 25 years on how to start your fashion career of fill in any blanks if you are a model, stylist or makeup artist so you may work as a fashion stylist on fashion shoots and shows with fashion designers. Make this your dream career.


*Please note we also offer further courses that lead to a Certification for those who wish to pursue this industry to the fullest we will introduce you to this on the day.

We are hosting this Event on the 29th April from 1pm to 6pm and the cost for this day course would be £75

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